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How To Code Well

Aug 29, 2019

Jessica Smith joins me on the How To Code Well podcast to talk about side projects in Web Development. Jessica is an old colleague of mine and a great PHP developer. Jessica is a senior developer at Fasthosts where I previously worked for a few years.
To say that Jessica's side project is epic is quite...

Aug 29, 2019

David Darnes joins me on the How To Code Well podcast to talk about the features of Ghost, the professional publishing platform.

Ghost is a versatile publication platform that is used by well known companies and household names such as CloudFlare, Open Collective, Mozilla, Free Code Camp, Emojipedia and more.


Aug 23, 2019

Today I talk about the 4 main areas of How To Code Well and announce a future AMA.

The areas that we cover include the podcast, live coding, the YouTube channel and the training courses for programmers.

*** How To Code Well Podcast ***
A weekly Friday video and audio show with guests from all over the web development...

Aug 16, 2019

Jeremy Onion joins me on the How To Code Well podcast to give advice to web developers who are looking to progress in their careers. Today's topic is about personal development and training.

Jeremy has recently been on a certified training course with Google Cloud and will soon start an Amazon Web Services (AWS) course....

Aug 9, 2019

Matt Brunt is my guest on todays How To Code Well podcast. Matt is a web developer, public speaker and mentor. Matt talks about his background in web development including his experiences at university and how having a sandwich degree helped him get a job in the industry.

Matt is a fantastic public speaker and has some...