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How To Code Well

Nov 17, 2018

Creating a website is no longer a simple and perhaps fun task.
Or at least it isn't as fun or easy as it used to be.
A developer has to invest time and effort in the environment and tooling that is used, instead of concentrating on the code and the creation process.

A frontend developer needs to learn command line skills in order to install frontend dependencies.
Not all frontend developers want to learn backend tools.

Creative and open spaces that breed developers and designers are now lost to history.
Online creativity is now boxed into tightly defined social containers such as Facebook or Twitter. These have replaced the MySpace's of the world.

The default building requirements of a website has grown tremendously in the last few years.

Want a HTML form? - You need HTTPS
Want a to rank in Google? - You need mobile first
Want to be legal? - You need to be GDPR compliant

The deployment of a website used to be as simple as dragging files from one folder and placing them into another folder

A tribal like attitude is often observed when dealing with CSS and JavaScript frameworks.
You are either a developer who writes code in X or Y.

I'm going to be talking about all of these points and more in today's live stream

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