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How To Code Well

Nov 17, 2018

JavaScript has changed, it has grown up and got better over the years. JavaScript is fitter and stronger than it ever has been.
So why is your JavaScript over weight and a slob at sending responses to the browser?
In todays show I’m going to talk about the various ways you can slim down and speed up your JavaScript. Some of the these JavaScript improvements are very easier to do whereas some others may require a bit of re structuring of your JavaScript application. However, you will certainly see the benefits of these JavaScript alterations.

Depending on your JavaScript application you may see a reduction in load time, quicker deployments and even faster development times.

For freelance frontend developers, sliming down your JavaScript will help you to create applications faster as there isn’t so much bloat to maintain. Due to this your JavaScript website will be cleaner and more bug free. Also your freelance clients may even save money due to a quicker and stream lined application.

If you’re a JavaScript developer with an over weight slob of an application then join me at 17:30 GMT on 31/10/18 and learn how you make JavaScript great again.

Links mentioned in this video:
Use Bundlephobia to find the cost of adding a npm package to your bundle

Webpack visualizer
Take a look at the JavaScript packages you are using
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